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High Pressure Pascalization… what sets them apart!

Q. What is HPP and how does it work?

A: High Pressure Pascalization uses high pressure instead of heat to inhibit microflora growth in fresh food and therefore naturally extend its shelf life. Unlike pasteurization, pascalization is an external process; the raw product itself is never touched. After the products are in their final packaging, our pressurizing method uses only evenly distributed pressure of cool water (44°F) to short circuit any potential harmful invaders, such as Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella, lactic acid bacteria, yeast and mold. Pressure drastically reduces overall microbiological contaminant flora and pathogens, eliminating the possibility of recontamination. Because of the chilled temperature at which the juice is treated, plus the minimal impact that pressure has on the structure of the components responsible for nutrition and flavor, the juice remains raw and the taste remains the same. ”Heat” or “flash” pasteurization, or other silly adjectives such as “lovingly” or “gently” pasteurized, results in juice that is essentially cooked, which kills vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. We do not now, nor ever will we ever, apply heat to our cold pressed juice. We don’t cook juice.

Q: Does pressure destroy vitamins, enzymes or nutrients?

A: Because there is so much inconclusive information regarding enzyme activity floating around, we felt the only way to know for certain was to have our juice tested directly. We tested for enzymatic activity in our juice both before and after HPP was applied—the lab result came back: "NO DIFFERENCE." There is and will continue to be conflicting research on the broader topic of enzyme activity in food after HPP is applied. There are many variables involved, such as the level of pressure applied, the length of time the juice is pressurized, and more importantly, the many different types of enzymes that exist. For our purposes, we identified the specific ones we feel are most critical to our juice, and the test results came back positive for activity. Regardless of when purchased or received, we recommend drinking the juice as quickly as possible to maximize nutritional benefits...because the reality is that all enzymes and nutrients slowly deteriorate. Drink soon.

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