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Smith Tea

Founded in 2009 by Steven and Kim Smith, the company known as Smith Teamaker blends and packs teas and botanicals in very small batches from the world’s best producing regions. Working out of a 100-year old brick building in Portland, Oregon that was originally a blacksmith’s shop, the artisan teamakers at Smith have forged an impressive array of products using rare and exotic ingredients sourced from friends around the world.

The Teamakers at Smith blend in small batches to ensure that leaves and flowers are not crushed in packing — so they look, taste and smell like the fine full leaf teas they are. Smith blends and packs what is anticipated to sell in 30 days or less, providing customers the freshest tasting tea they’ve ever tasted. Typically what is blended in one day will be packaged that very same day as either loose tea in tins, or generously sized biodegradable full leaf sachets.

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The Cooler Water Cooler™

The Cooler Water Cooler™

At Lavít, we take water personally. Our revolutionary single serve water cooler is personalizing the way people drink water by providing individualized still, sparking and flavored water options at the touch of a button. Lavit’s many flavored beverage options, including those from leading brands Like Arizona Iced Tea are crafted with zero preservatives at just 10 calories or less per 12 ounce serving – making the smarter choice for health and hydration every time. In addition, all Lavit’s flavored beverages are uniquely eco-friendly coming from 100% recyclable capsules that are just 1/7th the aluminum of a soda can. Finally, Lavit commits funds to provide clean, safe drinking water to those in need around the world. Now that’s refreshingly personal. Follow Lavit on Facebook and Instagram or visit drinklavit.com.

  • Key Features:
  • Chilled, filtered still AND sparkling water
  • Personalized, single serve better-for-you beverages
  • 33+ delicious flavors including top brands like Arizona
  • Ecofriendly 100% recyclable capsules
  • Reduce storage and restocking of bottles of water, seltzer and soda
  • Water and custom crafted beverages in seconds
  • Largest water tank in the industry
  • Daily self-sanitation with oxygen

Bevi carbonated

The Cooler Water Cooler™

We are constantly searching for the best-tasting flavors out there. Please check back with us for the most updated list.


  • unsweetened raspberry
  • unsweetened cucumber
  • unsweetened lemon
  • unsweetened lime mint
  • blueberry cucumber
  • coconut
  • uorange mango
  • unsweetened pear
  • lemon lime
  • blackberry lime
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