One Cup Coffee co. + Pot O' Gold

We here at Pot O’ Gold are excited to work with One Cup Coffee in providing our customers with an incredible opportunity through an effortless but impactful Corporate Social Responsibility program. We use the word effortless because it is just that – effortless. By taking something that you already purchase and interact with every day - COFFEE, we are able to transform it into a turnkey CSR program requiring no additional cost or management from our customers while offering all the business benefits of social good.

Chances are, your company is already involved with some type of philanthropic program or annual community outreach activity, but our guess is that you would like to do more. When you switch to One Cup Coffee through Pot O’ Gold, every dollar that One Cup receives from Pot O’ Gold’s coffee purchases will generate a dollar of impact for World Vision, a non-profit organization that creates sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty and injustice issues in communities worldwide.

Why has Pot O’ Gold decided to join forces with One Cup Coffee in offering this CSR program? Well, we have many commonalities: we are both locally owned companies with a passion for coffee, we both strive to offer our customers incredible tasting coffee and we both believe in giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. And here’s what sealed the deal for us - One Cup Coffee, whose coffee is locally roasted, offers an incredible tasting coffee and is comparably priced to other coffees offered through Pot O’ Gold. By participating in this Social Good program, we are inviting our customers to make a positive impact simply by enjoying your morning coffee. What better way to start your day off?

Again, the coffees are excellent and just as good as any other artisan, locally roasted Seattle coffees. We are excited to get some samples to you or help you conduct a tasting. Please let us know if you would like to participate or would like to receive more information.

Larry Jones
Pot O’ Gold, Inc