Green Focus

Pot O' Gold Coffee Service works with businesses in the greater Puget Sound area to provide their employees a high end and affordable office coffee program. We provide all coffee equipment, water coolers, and an extensive list of coffee and breakroom supplies. Let us help you raise employee morale and productivity, educate you and your staff on the importance of implementing sustainable and compostable products in your breakroom, and allow you to get back to your job.

Your Business is only as strong as its coffee

We here at Pot O’ Gold are excited to work with One Cup Coffee in providing our customers with an incredible opportunity through an effortless but impactful Corporate Social Responsibility program. We use the word effortless because it is just that – effortless. By taking something that you already purchase and interact with every day - COFFEE, we are able to transform it into a turnkey CSR program requiring no additional cost or management from our customers while offering all the business benefits of social good.