About Us

Pot O' Gold Coffee Service was founded in 1986 and is located in the Seattle area. Our primary business involves installing commercial coffee brewing equipment (fresh brew, thermal, single cup, semi-auto espresso and fully auto espresso equipment) in offices throughout the Puget Sound region. We regularly support this equipment with cleaning and maintenance while inventorying and delivering quality consumable coffee and related products. Over the years, we have gained considerable knowledge in the storing, brewing, serving and presentation of high-end coffees in the office environment.

Everyone at Pot O' Gold Coffee Service accepts the responsibilities involved with offering high quality coffees on an institutional level. Our genuine commitment to provide true value and quality is supported by our investment in  futuristic, brewing designs and our high profile, comprehensive service programs.

Our Team:
Larry Jones
Laurie Sergeeff
Finance and Purchasing
Alex Sergeeff
Operations Manager/Sales
Blake Jones
Sales and Marketing


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