"It gives me great pleasure to express my recommendation of Pot O' Gold Coffee Service as they have provided exceptional support to Puget Sound Blood Bank for 3 years, as a Preferred Starbucks Coffee Vendor.

POG has continued to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical business practice and are always on the cutting edge of the coffee industry with introducing new Starbucks equipment and product.

Our switch from Starbucks to SBC brand last year has proven successful, saving us money while continuing to offer a premium coffee each and every day to our staff and visitors."

- Puget Sound Blood Centers

"Pot O' Gold (POG) provides a great level of service; they are always very responsive to our needs and show a genuine concern if we are experiencing any problems. We have being doing business with POG for over 10 years; we have a great working relationship with Larry and his team. HomeStreet Bank is very dedicated to using local vendors and to supporting small businesses in our community.

Having instantly brewed, fresh coffee available to our employees 24/7 is a great benefit for them and for the company; we save production time by having the brew units on every floor of our corporate headquarters as opposed to having our employees leave the office for coffee.

POG recently updated our program to offer Seattle's Best Coffee. The SBC premium brewer program allows us to stay with a high quality coffee for a more affordable price and gain a higher yield on the product; increasing the value of this amenity program to our company. Our employees are very thankful that we have our coffee program especially during the challenging economic times we are all facing, and our guests are always very impressed by our access to fresh brewed coffee!"


"NBBJ has used Pot O' Gold for more than five years. Convenience is the number one reason we use Pot O' Gold. They manage our stock levels and the I-cup brewers virtually eliminate waste. They also keep us current on any changes or additions to the program.

Pot O' Gold provides excellent service. Our orders are delivered timely and accurately. Service calls have been handled promptly with minimal interruption.

Adding SBC as another option has been a positive change for our office. Currently we stock two out of six machines with SBC."


"We heard about Larry Jones and Pot O' Gold nearly 10 years ago from an F5 employee that played baseball with him. Following an initial meeting we switched our vendor to Pot O' Gold. Through the years our company has grown leaps and bounds.

Pot of Gold has kept up with the pace and introduced us to a beta test of Starbucks I-Cup coffee system about 6 -7 years ago. That system, Starbucks coffee, and their service was the golden opportunity for F5.

Our employees absolutely love it – each floor has at least 2 different coffee roasts and the best cocoa ever for their selection.

We receive at least one coffee vendor a month calling on us for our business. I have even met with a couple of them. There is nothing comparable to Pot of Gold, their customer service and support and Starbucks/SBC coffee. Our employees no longer wander the neighborhood in search of a great cup of coffee."

- F5

"It gives me great delight to recommend Pot O' Gold Coffee Service; as they have provided exceptional service for URS Corporation for last 4-5 years, as a Preferred Starbucks Coffee vendor. POG has treated URS Corporation with the utmost respect and always followed through with all our requests. POG has continued to work at the URS relationship and they have made it a pleasure for me to work with them.

Furthermore, POG has continued to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical business practice and stay on the cutting edge by introducing new Starbucks equipment and products. They have offered URS the opportunity to try out new items when possible, or when they felt that we would be interested. Our recent switch to offering Seattle's Best Coffee through our I Cup brewers has lowered our costs, increased our yield, and allowed us to continue to ensure our employees have high quality coffee as a daily benefit."

- URS Corporation