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Highlighted Equipment & Products For June



Summer is here!

See below for some equipment and products that will create some buzz in the office:


Featured Coffee Roaster

Wunderground Coffee

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Pot O’ Gold is partnering with Wunderground Coffee to bring Mushroom Coffee Products to the office!

What’s the benefit of mushroom coffee?

Good quality coffee has a lot of benefits, such as high levels of protective antioxidants. Coffee also gives you that amazing jolt of energy and supports motivation and focus. A drawback of coffee consumption is that excess coffee can put the nervous and hormonal systems into a constant state of stress. This is why Wunderground has paired their high quality antioxidant-rich coffee WITH medicinal mushrooms. The mushrooms they’ve used in their blends all have amazing unique benefits and they’re all adaptogens. Adaptogens help one’s body better adapt to stress and they balance our bodies! Their mushrooms are actually working behind the scenes to create homeostasis in the body, and to ensure that we continue on our day feeling great, without the jitters or caffeine crash!

Additional benefits:

Brain Function
Memory Boost
Mega Focus
High Performance


Highlighted Equipment

Follett Champion Ice/Water Cooler

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  • Delivering up to 100 lb daily production of preferred Chewblet nugget ice
  • Adds hot water option to this customer preferred Chewblet ice dispenser
  • Perfect for hot teas, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and even instant meals like soups and noodles



Brood DRNX Countertop Kegerator

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  • Optimize your experience with the latest DRNX by BROOD model. It is slimmer, sleeker, and pours faster than before! It draws from any container, cools to 36°F with a new rapid recovery time between pours, and infuses nitrogen on demand.
  • The DRNX comes in three configurations – a single tap (SLM), double tap (DUO), or a single tap with internal water dilution for concentrated beverages at any ratio (MIX).



Recent Highlighted Installs

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Exciting New Pantry Products


Power Crunch Protein Bars

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High protein & only 5-7g of sugar, Power Crunch’s mission is to provide superior protein bars & nutrition for adults and kids.



Liquid Death

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Natural mountain water served in ice-cold infinitely recyclable cans.


Wandering Bear Cold Brew In A Box

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Extra strong and surprisingly smooth organic cold brew on tap. Stays fresh in your fridge for 30 days; shelf stable prior to opening



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Highlighted Equipment & Products For June

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