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Ofiice Snacks

Support Your Team With These Exciting Services

Bevi 2.0 Sparkling/Still Water Cooler

The Bevi 2.0 is Bevi’s newest sparkling water cooler. It offers up to 6 flavored sparkling or still water options, 2 enhancements (Caffeine and Immunity), and a hot water option.

Bevi Water CoolerBevi Water Cooler

Office snacksOffice snacks

Pantry Snack/Beverage Service

Pot O’ Gold now offers a variety of different snacks such as protein bars, chips, cookies, and so much more. Whether you are looking for a healthy snack option, or your favorite “cheat day” snack, we’ve got you covered!

Kegerator Service

Bring the Happy Hour to your office, bar, or restaurant with Pot O’ Gold! Choose from a list of beer, hard cider, hard seltzers, and wine. All of these different alcohol products come in kegs, cans, or bottles. We also offer a wide variety of different non-alcoholic beverages, such as cold brew, Kombucha, draft and tea, that all come in kegs, cans, or bottles.

Office Kegerator

Pot O Gold Coffeee Service Team

Pot O’ Gold Coffee Service works with businesses in the greater Puget Sound area to provide their employees a high-end and affordable office coffee program. We provide all coffee equipment, water coolers, and an extensive list of coffee and breakroom supplies. Let us help you raise employee morale and productivity, educate you and your staff on the importance of implementing sustainable and compostable products in your breakroom, and allow you to get back to your job.

Questions? Call us or fill out the contact form.

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Support Your Team With These Exciting Services

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