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What Are the Benefits of a Coffee Service?

It’s no secret that coffee is a staple in the American workplace, but getting coffee from a café each morning can be expensive and time-consuming for you and your employees. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of your daily caffeine fix, but standing in line and waiting for your drink can really cut into your workday. Office coffee services are the perfect solution to your coffee needs for a variety of different reasons. Here’s how a coffee service can benefit your office/business!

What Is a Coffee Service?

Basically, a coffee service provides businesses with consistent coffee machinery, coffee, and supplies, in order to increase accessibility and overall convenience within a company. They ensure that your break room is always stocked with all the necessities to keep you and your employees happy!

6 Benefits to Coffee Services

1. Increased Productivity

Did you know that a coffee service will increase productivity in the office? Coffee itself helps improve alertness, increase productivity, and boost energy. Even the best of us find it challenging to focus in a noisy, busy environment. All that noise and activity can be really overwhelming and make it tough to get work done. A cup of coffee can help. Not only is caffeine a natural stimulant, but studies have also shown that it helps people to retain information by enhancing memory functions. With a coffee service, you don’t have to worry about buying coffee machinery, grinding the coffee, or re-filling the coffee once you run out; the coffee service will do it all for you! It free’s your schedule, because it’s one less thing you have to worry about!

2. Increased Socialization

Socializing at work is a great way of creating a cohesive work environment in the office, and what better way of doing just that than over a cup of coffee?! Taking coffee breaks throughout the day encourages socialization and conversations among co-workers which will result in overall success within their work and your business! It allows your employees the chance to relax, feel supported, and produces healthy organic conversations among the team, which will ultimately benefit your business.

3. Increased Morale

Coffee service will be something your employees will look forward to. It will help boost morale within the office, which will benefit everyone! Your employees will feel appreciated and will be excited to come to work and put in the effort!

4. Increased Health

There are numerous health benefits to drinking coffee! Millions of people drink coffee every day, but many don’t realize the health benefits of it. Most people think of coffee as a morning ritual, but it offers so much more than just a caffeine buzz. Coffee is packed with antioxidants and has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, depression, and much more! It can also help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your mental clarity and focus as well as boost your energy levels.

5. Increased CollaborationCoffee Service Provider Seattle

As mentioned previously, coffee increases collaboration. I mean, think about it… why do you think people go to coffee shops for study dates? Coffee sets the perfect tone for a collaborative work environment! Employers tend to spend thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to create and maintain an environment to inspire collaboration and innovation when there is a simple solution; Office coffee service!

A welcoming coffee area/lounge that is accessible to all departments within the business will allow employees the chance to take a break and strategize for the benefit of your company! You can do this by hiring an office coffee service and adding a few comfy chairs or a sofa! Cheap and effective!

6. Decrease in Wasted Time

Most people will drink coffee no matter what. And many people are quite picky when it comes down to the coffee they drink. If your business doesn’t offer your employees good quality coffee, it will force your employees to go elsewhere for it, which will increase wasted time on the clock. On the other hand, by providing your employees with good quality coffee, they are more likely to be happy staying in the office rather than leaving to get coffee at a coffee shop. This will allow for a decrease in time wasted during a workday and will increase convenience for everyone all around. Also, we’ve all experienced end-of-the-day slumps. Having premium coffee available for your employees will ensure they are getting the energy boost whenever they need it most!

Bonus Benefit: Everything Is Taken Care Of!

When you hire an office coffee service, everything will be taken care of for you! From the machines to the actual coffee to cleaning and maintaining the machinery and making sure it’s stocked, you don’t have to worry about any of it! The service will ensure everything is working properly and is stocked at all times. One less thing for you to worry about!

How Can Pot O’ Gold Help?

Pot O’ Gold is your premier coffee service in Seattle. Whether you are starting your own coffee shop, coffee cart, or installing a high-end espresso machine in your office, Pot O’ Coffee has all your coffee needs in Seattle covered.

At Pot O’ Gold the main service we offer is installing commercial coffee brewing equipment. We can set up a fresh brew, single cup, thermal, as well as semi- and fully-automatic espresso machines in your office. Whatever you need for your office breakroom, whether it’s carbonated water coolers or delicious snacks, we’re able to supply you with it. Regardless of the size and demands of your office, we have a uniquely-suited program to meet it.

Our premium coffee brands and high-quality coffee brewers will keep your staff and clients feeling appreciated. Pot O’ Gold quality products make a statement. Hold all your meetings over quality, affordable coffee and let your team know you care. Let your clients stop by for a delicious coffee that shows you have taste and style. People will be impressed and pleased with your decision. Call us today!

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What Are the Benefits of a Coffee Service?

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